Wonder Flavours - Cranberry Cocktail SC

Testing hardware setup:
HCigar VT75D, Psyclone Citadel RDA, n80 22g 0.35Ω at 50 watt/4.2 volt

Manufacture description:
Cranberry cocktails are always a hit. Many recipes, including the popular cosmo and vodka cranberry, require cranberry juice. Our cranberry cocktail flavour makes it incredibly easy to mix up a great drink. This flavouring can be used in everything from cocktails to cakes and ice creams, be sure to add this to your cart!

Test results:
Tested at 4.0%, 30/70, 0mg

Shake and vape:
Mellow cranberry squash which is very sweet and have a nice tartness that will linger.

3 days steep:
It has become a tiny bit stronger overall but still fairly mellow.

10 days steep:
No significant change.

20 days steep:
No significant change.

Suggested usage:
Accent: 0.7%, Background: 1.5%, Main: 3.0%, Standalone: 5.0%

These flavor notes are based on my personal experience and since taste is subjective and everyone have their own personal preference my opinion may differ from yours.